Who we are

Catholic Women


Religious Sisters

Alive with the joy of the Gospel

Bringing Christ’s love and mercy to people in need

In Africa, South America, Europe and USA

Where we are

We are an international congregation.  We live and work in Brazil, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ireland, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, and Zambia.

What we do

HEALTH CARE: healing the sick, building healthy communities
EDUCATION: key to human development at all levels
PASTORAL CARE: The Word of God alive in people’s lives
SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: in cities, villages and rural communities
CARE FOR THE EARTH: loving the planet
REFUGEES: reaching out to street children, fighting against human trafficking
REBUILDING shattered lives after devastation of war and disease
PRAYER is central to our lives. It is God’s work we are doing, not our own. Through prayer and the Eucharist we grow closer to Christ who leads us in our faith, and to Mary our mother.


Our Blog:                  Mission Moments

Share with us the moments of blessing in our lives, moments of encounter, joy, tears, laughter – the many varied experiences that come our way as Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary.

You are invited to read, respond if you wish, and be with us when we are with people.
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         Children explore Mission

Children will enjoy the activities in this page, specially
designed for Senior Primary and First Years Secondary.

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  “The Joy of the Gospel fills the hearts and minds of all those who encounter Jesus. A joy ever new. A joy that is shared.”  Pope Francis    


The Rights of the Child: Young people campaign against child marriage and teen-age pregnancies. “That they may have life, to the full.” Sierra Leone

Gold cups! Sports day at Holy Rosary Girls’ School in Abuja


Vocation Rally in Diocese of Nnewi, Nigeria. Religious and priests from the diocese visited schools to share the call of Jesus: Go out to the whole world and spread the gospel…

Graduation day at the Skills Training Centre in Chipapa, Zambia.

Future missionaries: young women begin preparation to be Holy Rosary Sisters in Nigeria

And in Kenya, more young women feel the call to become missionaries.

The Joy of the Gospel

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