Who we are

Catholic Women


Religious Sisters

Alive with the joy of the Gospel

Bringing Christ’s love and mercy to people in need

In Africa, South and Central America, Europe and USA

Where we are

We are an international congregation.  We live and work in Brazil, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ireland, Kenya, Liberia, Mexico, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, and Zambia.

What we do

HEALTH CARE: healing the sick, building healthy communities
EDUCATION: key to human development at all levels
PASTORAL CARE: The Word of God alive in people’s lives
SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: in cities, villages and rural communities
CARE FOR THE EARTH: loving the planet
REFUGEES: reaching out to street children, fighting against human trafficking
REBUILDING shattered lives after devastation of war and disease
PRAYER is central to our lives. It is God’s work we are doing, not our own. Through prayer and the Eucharist we grow closer to Christ who leads us in our faith, and to Mary our mother.




Vivat Advent reflections


See RESOURCE page above.

 Respect for people and their cultures.

Find Trees in Igalaland!

Visit Development in the top Menu to see:
“Who Brings Trees Brings Life”
A fascinating introduction to the beauty of the trees in the land of the Igala people in the Middle Belt of Nigeria, and how these trees are inter woven with the lives and culture of the people.
The book was compiled by Sister Nora McNamara, MSHR, and Professor Stephen Morse, the fruit of their long association with the people of this area.




  “The Joy of the Gospel fills the hearts and minds of all those who encounter Jesus. A joy ever new. A joy that is shared.”  Pope Francis     


Sierra Leone:  Sister Angele Nkamsi at Holy Rosary School:  Children are getting back to school again after long war and Ebola.  And Sister Hilary Lyons receiving  an Honorary Fellowship from the Royal College of Physicians, Ireland,  in recognition of her long service to health care in Sierra Leone.              


  sn-candids-resz     6 cand ken 
In Southern Nigeria and in Kenya, young women begin the preparation to be Holy Rosary Missionary Sisters.
Resettling people from overcrowded slums in Zambia.      Prison visitation in Brazil.


The Joy of the Gospel

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