A Marathon of Prayer to end Human Trafficking

Sister Mercy Wanguna in Cameroon works at first hand to alert young women to the dangers of human trafficking, and helps those who have been trafficked to build a new life. On the feast of St Bakhita, Mercy set out to awaken the whole world to the issue of human trafficking and violence against women through social media. She trained the girls from Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary School, Bamenda, in Cameroon, through songs, dances, and bold posters to get the message across. None of those who took part can ever forget the importance of that message.

“Human trafficking is violence,” writes Pope Francis. “  The violence suffered by  women and girls is an open wound on the Body of Christ. It is a deep wound that affects all of us.”    The Pope called for a marathon of prayer for an end to trafficking on the feast of Saint Bakhita, February 9th, and thoughout the month of February.

“There was never a day I was not beaten,” said Bakhita, relating her experience as a kidnapped child in Sudan. She was enslaved, sold and resold before she became a servant of an Italian family who took her to Italy to look after their children.  The story of how she became a Christian and later a Religious Sister in the convent where she took the children to school is a revelation of God’s providential care for each of His children.
 Let us continue to pray and to fight against the evil of human trafficking.

No! to Human Trafficking! A Crime against Humanity!  Unchain me from modern Slavery!  proclaim Our Lady of Lourdes Students, Bamenda.  I am brave, I am strong, I am a woman!

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