A new hospital in Cameroon

Holy Family Hospital, Mbougom
          Sister Sylvie Cho writes from Cameroon

Holy Rosary Sisters have continued to provide front-line care to patients, including Covid 19 patients, throughout 2020. Not only that, we have opened a new clinic in Cameroon to reach more people.
Holy Family Hospital, Akum, was founded more than 50 years ago. Now Holy Family Hospital, Mbougom, has come into being.  Akum is the proud mother of a very promising daughter!
According to the report from the Matron, the pioneer new Hospital has registered in a few short months over 6000 OPD patients, 905 admissions, 203 women for ante-natal, 49 delivery cases.  45 minor surgeries were carried out,  150 patients were referred for major surgery; 4200 lab tests are also recorded, 195 cases of ethography, and 301 wounds were dressed.

The Sisters acknowledge the support of the Fon, the Chief, who has welcomed the clinic into his Fondom and given his active assistance to the new venture.

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