A Serious Step

Posted July 2018 


A big moment for Biliamu as he begins to walk at exactly nine months!
Such a moment is a miracle in the life of every child – and even more so for a little boy without a mother.  All the Care-givers cheer in Holy Rosary Clinic, Ankpa, when it happens. Truly an Alleluia day.

           Sister Serapphine Awemo, a Cameroonian Holy Rosary Sister, writes:

“Biliamu is one of the motherless children who come to the Clinic in Ankpa every two weeks with their care-givers.  Here we monitor their growth, vaccinate them against 6 killer diseases, advise and encourage the care-givers, and most importantly give them infant formula milk and nutritious food.  This program is sponsored by World Mercy, apart from occasional good will donations from some members of the community.

At present we have 60 motherless babies and above, who depend on us for nourishment.  This number increases every week by one or two new babies.  One would wonder why so many mothers die in childbirth. 

This is a predominantly Muslim and traditional community where the practice of polygamy is common.  Due to financial constraints most husbands do not send their wives for proper antenatal care.  Some mothers deliver at home or are attended by unskilled birth attendants.  In the event of complications referral is slow as a result of long distances and bad roads.  When the mother dies it is heart-breaking.
Then the family looks around for who will care for the baby.  And they come to us for help.

   Left, Sister Seraphine having interactive session with the caregivers.  Some of them are very young and need a lot of advice.

   Others are grandmothers, with lots of experience.  All are grateful specially for the infant formula milk.

Right: “Joseph, who is your best friend?”
Joseph declares:  “I love my Granny!”