The Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary work with partners to spread the message of Christ's love and reconciliation. We cross cultural and national boundaries to ensure all individuals, particularly margialised and diverse groups, have access to the resources they need for a dignified life and to preserve God's creation.



Our vision for MSHR is to create a world where individuals live in harmony, peace and fairness, valuing diversity and recognising our shared humanity, with ample resources for a life deeply connected to God, each other and the environment.

About Us

Our Story

Bishop Shanahan founded the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary in Co Cavan, Ireland in 1924.

Bishop Shanahan founded the Missionary sisters of the Holy Rosary in 1924, Co Cavan Ireland. Our purpose is to spread the word of God and uplift the lives of women worldwide. Our first mission began in Nigeria in 1928, and since then, we have extended our work to other African nations, as well as Brazil, Mexico, and the United States. Our focus is on enhancing the quality of life for the disadvantaged through the establishment of more than 200 primary schools, 40 secondary schools, and 32 hospitals.

Our dedication to bringing Christ’s love and kindness to those in need remains unwavering to this day. We continue to provide education, healthcare, social development, and community rebuilding services to people affected by conflict.

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Our principles revolve around listening to God, fostering interdependence and a sense of community, embracing diversity, exhibiting courage, and maintaining integrity. We strive to align our actions with our values by being open to learning, growth, and transformation.