Action Women!

In the event 69 women turned up.! Virginia welcomed them and told them that the focus was to raise people who would speak when they were in need of something, instead of sitting and complaining about Government. We have to go and tell them straight! The community has every right to ask for a road to be constructed because it was in the State’s Policy document to do so. “Now what do you really want to do?” she asked; “Let us divide into groups to discuss the matter.”
“No!” cried the women. “No need to discuss – we know what we want: A Road!”

So four of the most vocal women were selected to go to meet the elected representative, and Virginia telephoned him to make the appointment.
“He will meet you at 12.30 on next Monday,” she reported to them. “The road to the State House of Assembly begins here!”
Bravo, Action Women!
The four chosen women met with the Rep on the Monday at the state House of Assembly and told him their story. “We need a road!” they stated with conviction. “Why is the government neglecting our town?”  The Rep listened and  promised that the road would be included in the 2020 budget. “Pray that the road will be included  this year’s budget!”   The next day the budget was up for discussion, and they prayed! Virginia, through her contacts in the House, verified that the road was truly  approved.  The State Governor went for an inspection tour in the New Year and work on the road started soon after.  Bravo to all the stalwart women involved!  They have come to know their power. The road is not yet tarred – but that will be another campaign!

Sister Rose Uchem is project leader of Ifendu, “The Light of Life”, which works with women to improve business skills and literacy, and empower them to play their part in social issues. Visit Southern Nigeria in our REGIONS section.


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