A double Lock-down:

Yes, the Corona Virus  – but also:

The Socio-Political crisis ravaging West Cameroon.   

Sister Angele Nkamsi recently visited the Cameroon Region on behalf of the General Council and gave this account of what the country is experiencing.

“It was very heart-breaking seeing Cameroon (the Anglophone part of the country where our sisters are) in such misery. Many towns and villages have been abandoned, several houses burnt to ashes and some houses which are still erect are adorned with bullet-holes. I perceived that traveling in this part of the country is a nightmare; people are being harassed on the way and some even lose their lives. One is never sure on leaving the house that she will return alive. The trauma is enormous and the ‘Amba boys’ continuously torture the sisters through extorting money from them and threatening them, with graphic photographs of some of their victims.

Besides the stray bullets that one could be afraid of from the indiscriminate shooting, the “boys” are also engaged in kidnapping and requesting for exorbitant amounts as ransom. These boys are so bold that they visit homes kidnapping people and brutalizing them. There are thousands of people displaced and some have lost their homes. Many schools have been closed and some have been burnt to ashes. They seem to be against education, and for schools to run smoothly is a very big challenge. They sometimes threaten to kidnap the children in school while teachers are continuously being harassed.

Even in this very traumatizing situation, our Sisters in Cameroon continue to do the best they are able in their various ministries. They try to do things with caution taking into consideration the very hostile atmosphere, which I experienced as a violation of human dignity and human right. The sisters live in fear daily and planning is a big challenge.”

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