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Welcome to our Blog where you can read live stories about  mission in our
different Regions.

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USA A nation of immigrants

Nation-building immigrants from Africa find mentors here.                                                                                                ...

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Christ Ever Young!

Partners with Pope Francis in bringing young people to Christ.   Christ is Alive  – Christus Vivit! By Chanda Mulenga, Youth Animator, Diocese of Monze, Zambia Read more                                                      ...

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Onitsha Shanahan Day 2019

On June 6th 2019 God’s faithful gathered from different parishes to recall with gratitude the great work of evangelisation  done by Bishop Joseph Shanahan CCSp/Servant of God, first bishop of Southern Nigeria.                                Posted June 11th 2019 Read more.    ...

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Celebrating the memory of a famous son

    In Borrisoleigh in Co Tipperary, Ireland, the parish celebrated the memory of one of their famous sons, Bishop Joseph Shanahan, on Sunday June 2nd 2019.     Read more The Papal Nuncio to Ireland, Archbishop Jude Thadeus Okolo, from Southern Nigeria himself, was the chief celebrant, proud to acknowledge the man of whom they say,...

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Remembering …

When the moonflowers bloomed

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Father, forgive them…

Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa, wrote this personal awesome story.   Read more Posted April 20th 2019  Holy Saturday “After I became President, one day I asked some members of my personal protection to stroll with me into the city and have lunch at one of the restaurants. We sat in the...

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A nightmare from which we will awake?

“The people are devastated by their sense of hopelessness. They are afraid, insecure, wishing that this was a nightmare from which they might awake. They are sad, poor, hungry and homeless.   posted April 201t 2019 Despite this some prefer to be in this strange land, away from the gunshots, harassment and indiscriminate killing they...

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From Monze to Panama – trip of a lifetime!


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Bakhita Patron Saint of Sudan

  Bakhita’s childhood – can we even imagine?                                                                      Posted February 5th 2019 She was born in Sudan, somewhere near Darfur, in...

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Into a new year

The home of the Queen of Sheba! From our Sisters in the Ethiopia Region                                                                                   ...

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