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See:  Food most Royal - as prepared by the women!

Food Most Royal

“The land is dying!  The crops are rotting!”    “The people did not consider themselves poor.  They are a proud people and believe in self-help.  But there was something bigger facing them here, something calling for a multi-sectoral approach to its solution.” A presentation by Sister Nora MacNamara at the launch of the book “Food...

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Dealing with human trafficking

Transformed by hope Sister Eileen Keane writes about the Summer School she attended in Dromantine (the Retreat centre run by the SMA Fathers) where one of the speakers was Cardinal Vincent Nichols of the Diocese of Westminster.  In the course of a wide-ranging discussion, one of the topics he addressed was Human Trafficking. Read more...

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The tragedies of trafficking


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A Serious Step

Posted July 2018    A big moment for Biliamu as he begins to walk at exactly nine months! Such a moment is a miracle in the life of every child – and even more so for a little boy without a mother.  All the Care-givers cheer in Holy Rosary Clinic, Ankpa, when it happens. Truly...

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Talitha kum

Talitha Kum!                                                                                        Posted: May 2018 The daughter of Jairus, Mark 5:41. She...

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The sun rises for Joseph as he receives his sight.

Posted May 2018   The sun rises for Joseph :“My eyes are open and I can see clearly!”    The Eye Camp at Wonji Clinic in Ethiopia  by Sister Ruth Chetambe  Joseph, aged ten, who had been blind since he was born, can see again                   “In Wonji we have...

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Ifendu, the Light of Life

Ifendu: The Light of Life  IFENDU WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT PROJECTS IN NIGERIA           Posted January 2018  By Sister Rose Uchem, MSHR ‘Ifendu,’ in Igbo language, means ‘the light of life;’ the light that comes from increased social awareness, often experienced as an ‘eye-opener.’ IFENDU envisions a new world order in which women and...

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Letter from Liberia

Letter from Liberia                                                                                                 January 2018 Missionary Sisters of...

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Tabitha’s Story

  My names are Tabitha Bongyuy Mformi, a native of  Ndu in the North West Region, Cameroon. I was born by Rev. Mformi Isaiah Komi and of Ma Alice Yuuh Mformi of the Presbyterian Church, Ntundip on March 1972 and was able to walk up to five years. Soon after I had a light fever which ended up to general body paralysis

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Trauma healing for people displaced by Boko Haram attacks in North East Nigeria

 Sister Franca Onyibor, Missionary Sister of the Holy Rosary, writes about the healing work she and her colleague, Duke, are doing in some of the camps for Internally Displaced People (IDPs)     There are 700 people at this camp and they all wished to participate. Sadly, for a start, we are choosing to work with the number we can manage (35) and choosing from those most in need.

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