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May 2018                  Ethiopia:  The Sun  Rises for Joseph
                                      Cameroon:  Initiatives against human trafficking.
                                      Talitha kum

Welcome to Our Blog:  Mission Moments.  We want to share with you some moments of blessing in our lives, moments of encounter, joy,  tears, sometimes laughter, - the many varied experiences that come our way as Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary.  You are invited to read, respond if you wish, and be with us during these moments of mission.
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Embracing Peace in North East Nigeria

By Sister Franca Onyibor mshr. Franca describes efforts to sow seeds of peace using the skills of Non-Violent Communication in North East Nigeria, where the Boko Haram conflict has been tearing communities apart.  She and her colleague, Duke, meet and listen to people on both sides.

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