Holy Rosary Clinic, Ngonyek, says, Jiggers Out!

In the few short years since its opening, Holy Rosary Clinic, Ngonyek, in Kenya, has reached out to the community in various ways.  On vaccinations and ante-natal days mothers and children come in numbers, to the extent that one day recently there were simply not enough seats for them all to sit down! Wounds, injuries and various medical conditions are treated on a daily basis. But the most recent  event has been Jigger Day for children.

Jiggers are insects living in the soil which burrow into the children’s feet and are very painful.  Jiggers affect adults too but the Sisters’ first campaign was to the children.  They came in from the surrounding primary schools and had these painful visitors removed from their feet, as can be seen in the pictures.  What a relief for the unfortunate sufferers! And now they must learn to avoid jigger-friendly behaviour as they play together, join in  farm-work or or go about barefoot.
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