Holy Rosary Girls’ School, Edenvale, South Africa

Posted October 28th 2020

For the Holy Rosary Sisters and Holy Rosary School 2020 is a year to celebrate and rejoice in God’s abundant blessings! Read more

Bishop Joseph Shanahan held Catholic education in high esteem, especially for women.  As a result Holy Rosary Sisters were sent to Edenvale in 1940 and a few months later Holy Rosary School came into existence, albeit with only 7 pupils.
    Now 80 years later there are approximately 900 girls in the School.  We have so much for which to thank God, both for the past and the present. 
    Although the Sisters arrived in April 1940, commemoration was postponed due to the restrictions imposed by Covid 19.  The event was celebrated with a Mass on the 7th October 2020 in Shanahan Hall in the School.  On the 11th October 2020, the community in Rosary House celebrated this momentous occasion with a Mass which was presided over by Fr. Michael Murphy SPS, followed by a festive dinner
Two photographs taken on 7th October 2020 in Shanahan  Hall.

Left: Sr Lorna Costa, Regional Leader, MSHR, carrying a lighted candle, leading the procession to Mass followed by school staff and members. Right: Bishop Duncan Tsohe, Auxiliary Bishop of Johannesburg, and Fr Lizwelinjani Mlotshwa OMI, parish priest of St Therese’s parish, Edenvale.   

Photograph taken on 11th October 2020 in Rosary House Chapel
 Back Row left to right:  Sr. Gugu Mbongwa, Fr. Michael Murphy SPS,
Sr. Lorna Costa and  Sr. Emmy Holzhaus.Front Row left to right:  Sr. Ursula Day and Sr. M. Gemma Byrne

Centre: HRS Grade 11 Confirmation group, October 24th 2020. Right: Sister Gugu with Thandu, whose mother is a past student. Gugu was sponsor for Thandu  for the sacrament of confirmation.

To learn more about Holy Rosary Sisters in South Africa visit REGIONS on this website and choose South Africa.


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