Ifendu the Light of Life

Empowering women in rural areas, helping them with literacy skills and business skills, and teaching them how to diversify their sources of income, as well as increasing self-esteem and enabling them to stand up and talk in public, these are some of the life-enriching skills women learn from “Ifendu” which has truly become their Light of Life.
“Before I joined Ifendu life was hard for me. I would go into the bush to gather firewood and sell for little money. But after Ifendu taught us how to do business I started going to interior villages to buy cheaper and take to the town to sell at a profit. I have received a loan from Ifendu three times and have used it to achieve a lot. My new ability to read and write and also the ability to separate capital from sales I will never forget.”
“I used to cook with firewood but with the profit I made I was able to buy a kerosine stove. With my profit from the third loan I was able to buy a big drum for harvesting and storing rain water. I really appreciate all that Ifendu is doing for us.”
“Ifendu is a beautiful organisation and I thank Sister Rose for what she has done for us. I also appreciate her staff because one tree cannot make a forest! May God bless Ifendu.”

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