“It’s not the building,” states Sister Chinyere. “It’s the results!”  As far back as 2014 it was becoming clear that there was need for this type of development. Short courses were organized and skills training started in a room in the convent.  Our dream was to build in Igboukwu a community where inequality, cultural injustice and violence would reduce and families live with respect and dignity for women; to grow a flourishing community with people economically and socially empowered to take charge of their own lives and realise their potential. But we needed more space.
“The Irish government came to our aid through Misean Cara, also  Nachstenliebe Weltweit Germany;  these funded the construction, with co-funding from the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary. In addition to the two-year Diploma course and the skills and literacy training with soft loans for adult women, we are also involved in creating awareness in schools and communities on issues which affect life:   Covid 19,  HIV/AIDS, Child-abuse, gender-based violence and human trafficking. To be able to do this some men and women in the community have been trained as facilitators and they in turn train others, to reach the whole community.
“The opening of the Centre was a great day!  All the students show-cased their skills; they danced and celebrated, happy to see their Centre building fully painted in bright colours.  The Commissioner for
“Looking back to the beginning,”says Sister Chinyere, “I can only say a big thanks to God for all that went to bringing the project to this point.”

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