Killeshandra Centenary Celebrations

On March 10th 2024, the historic town of Killeshandra in Cavan, Ireland came alive with joyous festivities to mark the Centenary Celebrations of the Missionary Sisters of  Rosary fondly called the “Killeshandra Nuns.” The town was alight with prayers, laughter, music, light refreshments, and story-telling to ignite the spirit of community that has existed between the Sisters and the people of Killeshandra.

Eucharistic Celebration

The events began with the sacrifice of the Holy Eucharist at St. Brigid’s Parish Church in Killeshandra. Many gathered to thank God for the gift and impact of the Sisters down the years. The Mass was presided over by Bishop Martin Hayes of Kilmore Diocese. It was a beautiful ceremony with lots of symbols presented at the Altar of Sacrifice.

The Symbols

They include the portraits of Bishops Shanahan and Finnegan and the seven pioneer Sisters, a globe, flags of various countries where MSHR work, a Bible, rosary beads, MSHR Constitutions, young plants including an oak, and some soil from the former convent property in Killeshandra.

Tree Planting Ceremony

After the Mass, a commemorative tree planting ceremony was held in the church grounds, symbolizing the deep roots and enduring legacy of the Killeshandra Nuns in Cavan. The people, Sisters, deacon and Bishop Hayes came together to plant an oak tree, representing strength, hope for the future and a commitment to preserving the historical connection of the Holy Rosary Sisters and Killeshandra for generations to come.

Historical Exhibitions

There was opportunity for the people, guests and Sisters to delve into the rich connection and heritage of the people of Killeshandra and the Holy Rosary Sisters.

The early works of the sisters and spiritual landmarks like the erection of the Memorial Cross at the site of the convent in Killeshandra after the house was sold and demolished many years ago, captured in photographs and motion pictures offered a glimpse into the bond, and impact of generations past.

Cultural Performances

St. Brigid’s Primary School Hall came alive with the sounds of traditional Irish music and dance, as the young performers took to the stage to showcase Killeshandra’s vibrant cultural heritage. In addition, the pupils were recognized with lovely gifts to celebrate their creativity.


The guests and sisters shared stories, laughter, snacks and drinks. The people had made a lovely Centenary Cake and this was cut with great delight by a selected few with photo taking. It was a time to relax, savour the flavours of Killeshandra and honour the memories of those gone before us, and dream for the future.


All good things they say must come to an end, but the spirit of Killeshandra Centenary Celebration lingers on, a testimonial to the resilience, dedicated love and service of a community that has stood the test of time. It was wonderful that Killeshandra was a part of this epic commemoration of a milestone event in the life of the Holy Rosary Sisters

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