Holy Rosary Sisters on Mission in Cameroon

“The joy of the gospel fills the hearts of all those who encounter Christ.  A joy ever new.  A joy that is shared.” Pope Francis   



 Regional Headquarters: Holy Rosary Convent, Mankon, Bamenda, N.West Region, Cameroon.
Regional Leader: Sister Martina Ogar; Telephone: 00 237 677  268 148   – 00237 666 655 905
Vocation Contact Phone number: 
Cameroon  +237653521185                             
 Our ministries are located in the south west of Cameroon, in the Bamenda area, traditionally the English-speaking part of the country



Above the Sisters gather for their annual Regional Assembly



On September 29th 2021  seven young sisters made Perpetual Profession, offering their lives to God as Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary.  These Sisters come from Nigeria, Cameroon and Kenya and are ready to go wherever they are sent to continue their missionary calling.  God bless you, dear Sisters all the days of your lives!


A Marathon of Prayer and Action against Human Trafficking

 Sister Mercy Wanguna in works at first hand to alert young women to the dangers of human trafficking, and helps those who have been trafficked to build a new life. On the feast of St Bakhita, Mercy set out to awaken the whole world to the issue of human trafficking and violence against women, through social media. She trained the girls from Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary School, Bamenda, through songs, dances, and bold posters to get the message across. None of those who took part can ever forget the importance of that message.

“Human trafficking is violence,” writes Pope Francis. “  The violence suffered by  women and girls is an open wound on the Body of Christ. It is a deep wound that affects all of us.”    The Pope called for a marathon of prayer for an end to trafficking on the feast of Saint Bakhita, February 9th, and thoughout the month of February.




Students march against Human trafficking

Unchain me from modern slavery!  No! to human trafficking! It is a crime against humanity!

I am brave, I am strong, I am a woman!




The Holy Family Hospital, Akum, is located in Santa Health District in the North West Region of Cameroon, some few kilometres from Bamenda. The population covered by the hospital is 99,659. This hospital began as a maternity home with two beds in 1967 by Sr. Mary Vincent (MSHR). The Sisters engaged also in mobile clinic. This health facility was transformed into a Health Centre in 1973, a medicalised health centre in 2003, and finally a hospital in 2017. The HFH today has a bed capacity of 81 with 73 full time staff and offers quality health services such as, Primary health care, curative medical care, surgery, maternal/child care, physiotherapy, diagnostic tests, HIV/AIDS and TB programmes.


Holy Family Hospital front view




Holy Family Hospital, Mbouong


A Child is Born

After 50 years in existence, Holy Family Hospital, Akum, is the proud mother of a very illustrious and promising “child” – Mbougong Hospital, just five kilometres from Baffouson, capital of Western Cameroon. This location makes it accessible to the entire Mbouda area. Though barely a year old,  by the end of November 2020 it had already registered 6000 OPD patients, 905 admissions, 45 minor surgeries, and referred 150 for major surgeries.  In additions, ante-natal days are well attended, 50 babies born! God bless, the new hospital.




The Treasure Centre, Bamenda

T Centre f 2016
A safe, happy and healthy environment where children and young adults with intellectual disabilities can learn and develop socially, emotionally and spiritually, while acquiring the skills to function as far as possible in society.
The Treasure Centre is like a treasure hidden in a field which is often neglected, like these children. When they are given time and a lot of patience you discover that they are indeed treasures, with a lot of hidden potential and gifts which are often neglected.
The Centre has 152 registered children, 104 boys and 48 girls, from all over Bamenda area. The staff include Sisters Kathleen O’Brien and Antonia Onah, both Holy Rosary Sisters, and Mrs Song Lawrentia and Madam Theresia Lukong, all trained in Special Needs and Child Protection. We work in close collaboration with the Government and Welfare Department.

Sister Kathleen O’Brien with the children

The children at play.



Ndu: Water and Trees

Every year in Ndu water was getting scarcer and scarcer, making life more difficult for people who depend on growing crops for their livelihood. When surveys proved beyond doubt that the water resources were being destroyed by the Eucalyptus Trees growing in the water catchment areas, it became necessary to replace the eucalyptus with a local variety of tree. Led by Sister Mary O’Shea, 60,000 eucalyptus had to be uprooted, and 15,000 Prunus africanus planted in their place. This huge task involved community participation,government approval, training of leaders, education of families through the children, and sheer hard work.
Now seven years on a good water supply is being enjoyed by the people.


The precious gift of water.



     Holy Rosary Integrated Comprehensive Technical College Bamendankwe

The Holy Integrated Comprehensive Technical College Bamendankwe is a college with a difference because it is for non-hearing, hearing and disadvantages  children. This college is owned and run by the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. It offers General, Commercial and Technical education in an inclusive setting with Teacher/student friendly environment. Studies are done in 3 languages that is English Language, French Language and American Sign Language. There is also in the school, avocational section which comprises of  Sewing, Carpentry and Shoe making workshops.

Principal and students


Tailoring department in full production

Carpentry department on the job

Neat products.



The Morning Star Catholic Primary School Bamendankwe, formerly located in Akum, is an inclusive primary school for both hearing impaired and hearing children studying together in the same environment. This school is owned and run by the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. Studies are done in 3 languages: English Language, French Language and American Sign Language.





The Holy Rosary Candidacy for West Africans (Cameroonians and Nigerians) is located in Ngomgham, North West Region of Cameroon, where the young women desiring to become Holy Rosary Sisters do two years of Formation before proceeding to the Novitiate in Nigeria. During this period, they also carry out apostolic work, in Ngomgham parish as well as in Holy Rosary communities and other Congregations. At the end of the first year in formation, they go out out for holidays to other Holy Rosary communities.