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Holy Rosary Sisters in Ethiopia 
sis ethio

Regional Headquarters:
Addis Ababa
P.O. Box 7103, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, East Africa.
Regional Leader:  Sister Ruth Chetambe 
Telephone:  00251 11155 1303. 
Vocations Directress: Sister Celestine Nnadi
Telephone: 00251 912 057 189

Wonji:  Holy Rosary Sisters, Wonji, P.O. Box 92, Nazereth, Regio 4, Ethiopia.
Saguree:  Holy Rosary Sisters, St Mary’s Kindergarten/ Primary School, PO Box 70 Sagure, Ethiopia, E. Africa
                                     Sent to bring good news to the poor.

Eye Camp in Wonji  


    In Wonji we have always had patients with eye problems and when we noticed many people with Cataracts and other eye problems we decided to organize an eye camp twice a year.  On 19th – 25th February this year 1080 people attended the eye camp. They came from as far as Assela,  Meki and Boset.

The screening of the patients and eye surgery went on simultaneously. A total of 1,080 patients were screened and 118 were operated upon. The post-op patients were observed for 24 hours before being discharged.

“Now I can see!”  Little Joseph, aged ten, rejoices that he can see again!








Ministry in Saguree: St Mary’s Nursery and Primary School


sagure 1      sagure 2 

In 2015 the Holy Rosary Sisters were invited to the Vicariate of Meki, by Bishop Abraham Desta, for St Mary’s Nursery and Primary School in the village of Saguree.  This is an area with few Christians; there were 4 Catholics in the church when the sisters arrived, this has now increased to 10! 
Saguree is a village 25 km from its main town, Asello, in the Teff and Wheat-growing area of Ethiopia.  Although there are 4 primary schools in the village, attendance is low because people find it difficult to pay the monthly school-fee of approximately €3.00 and the children are needed for farm work.  However there are over 500 boys and girls on the register of St Mary’s.  Generous donors in Austria contributed to the building of 16 classrooms.
    Above you can see pictures of the children and staff at assembly.
    Below, visit the classrooms for participative learning.
sagure 5      sagure 6

         Daily life in Sagure

sagure 3      sagure 4


Ministries in Addis Ababa
Young women prepare for a new life: training as hairdressers, as caterers, as tailors.

DSC02520                   DSC04787

DSC05388               DSC05318 

DSC05698          Srcelestina and five sewing graduates 

Sister Cellestina encourages the hair stylists, bakers, sewing graduates, and business women to make a new life for themselves.

Repair of people’s homes is another way to a new life.

Mr dawit and wife's house before repairs           Mr dawit and wife's house after repairs 

Mr Dawwit’s house before repairs, – and after.
Tigist's house before repairs           Tigist's house sfter repairs
Tigist’s house before repairs, – and after.

Ministries in Wonji
Wonji Clinic is a source of refuge for many people:  Food, and healing, especially for parents with kwashiorkor children, the handicapped, and people living with HIV and suffering from TB.
DSC02113             DSC02143 
Sister Angela on food distribution day.

DSC02042             DSC02106

 Elderly at prayer before their food programme               DSC02122

Above, the elderly at prayer before the food distribution.   School children sponsored by the Sisters for Christian Education.



“The joy of the gospel fills the heart of all those who encounter Jesus.  A joy ever new.  A joy that is shared.”  Pope Francis.