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“The joy of the gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus.  A joy ever new.  A joy that is shared.”  Pope Francis

Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Ghana
In the Apostolic Vicariate of Donkorkrom.
Address:  Holy Rosary Sisters, P.O. Box 10, Donkorkrom, Kwahu North District, Eastern Region, Ghana.

  Regional Leader:  Sister Joy Abuh, Phone Number:  00233 208 641 066 / 00233 241 146 139

  Vocation directress:  Sister Joy Abuh.  Phone Number: 00233 2411 461 39
  Our Ministries:  Health care, teaching, religious education at all levels, pastoral care.


Short History

  The Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary came to Ghana in 1975 to the newly-established Diocese of Sunyani where we ministered in Health Care, Education, Catechetics, Pastoral Work and programmes for the physically challenged.
  In 1994 we moved to Kuntanase in Ashanti Region to contribute to much needed ministries there.  At the request of the parish we ran a Vocational School and were involved in Health Ministry and Pastoral care in a nearby mission hospital.  One sister worked as Physician in the hospital and initiated a Nutrition Programme and HIV/Aids Programme.
  In 2014 we responded to an invitation from the then Prefect to minister in the newly established Prefecture of Donkorkrom in the Afram Plains, now the Apostolic Vicariate.

A quick tour of our activities


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Sister Beatrice Ugwu with her class in the Junior High School


Sister Joy Abuh in the Senior High School where she is also guidance counsellor and chaplain. Joy is also on the Board of RAP, Radio Afram Plains.

ann court

Sister Anne Courtney with the congregation at the outstation where she goes for Communion Service on Sundays

Integrated Nutrition Programme

Training Comunity Health Nurses in Malnutrition

Sister Rose Farren, who is a physician at Donkorkrom Presbyterian Hospital, seen here training nurses in community based child-nutrition.


Ferry crossing to Ntonaboma town, one of the key places for the programme.

Community Health Committee

Community Health Committee

One of the most exciting and beneficial components of the Integrated Nutrition Project was the development of  a community-based program in Ntonaboma town where a high rate of malnutrition was found.  
  After a community entry with the main opinion leaders, and following communication with the community at large, a 14 member community health committee was selected by the community.  This comprises an equal number of males and females, representing different income groups, and with representatives from each of the 4 smaller communities comprising Ntonaboma town.  This committee met 15 times in the first year, completing a situational analysis outlining the needs in their community.   These focused on a lack of clean water, poor sanitation facilities, poor feeding practices and the need for more schools.
  Members of the Community Health Committee then helped the community prioritize their needs at a meeting attended by 100 people including the paramount chief and two sub-chiefs. At the end of the activity the people decided to construct a dump.  The paramount chief approved a plot of land for the dump and gave the initial task of construction to the youth leader in the community.  The members of the CHC will develop an action plan for the activity and elicit the assistance of staff at District Level.

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Sister Joy at the “World Youth Day” in Ghana.

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