“The joy of the gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus.  A joy ever new.  A joy that is shared.”  Pope Francis

Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Ghana
In the Apostolic Vicariate of Donkorkrom.
Address:  Holy Rosary Sisters, P.O. Box 10, Donkorkrom, Kwahu North District, Eastern Region, Ghana.

  Regional Leader:  Sister Joy Abuh, Phone Number:  00233 208 641 066 / 00233 241 146 139   

  Vocation: Contact Number for Vocations:

Ghana  +233549536835





Our ministries

Health care, teaching, religious education at all levels, pastoral care

Health care during Covid 19

   During the lockdown in Ghana, the elderly were not receiving the care they needed, as many of their family members were not visiting from the larger urban areas where Covid was very prevalent. In fact many of the elderly were hungry. Through a feeding program initiated by the clinic and funded by Misean Cara, all the elderly over 75 years of age received a high protein diet in the morning five days a week. Some visibly gained weight. 
    Also through the feeding program for the elderly we were able to screen them for diabetes, hypertension and anemia. The result was the beginning of a diabetic clinic.
   Education forms one of the pillars of Covid 19 prevention and control. Through Misean Cara funding, handwashing equipment was distributed to 13 outreach communities in Amankwakrom Subdistrict. Above: proper handwashing is demonstrated by Srs. Rose and Nkechi along with a Nutrition Officer give Nutrition education to the elderly.


In all Holy Rosary clinics, in Ghana, Ngonyek, Kenya, and in Ethiopia, the members of staff rose to the challenge.


Triage of all clients presenting to our facilities include wearing of masks, handwashing, applying sanitizer, temperature recording and questioning re. travel history, contact with any one with Covid 19, fever, cough and loss of smell. Testing is readily available in Cameroon. Those suspected of having Covid but not acutely ill are managed at home. Follow-up of clients living a distance from the facility are contacted daily by phone for two weeks.

During times of Covid 19, care may be diverted from essential services; reasons being that donors redirect funding to Covid activities, and already overwhelmed health systems are forced to spend resources on Covid prevention and treatment. Here in three of our Holy Rosary facilities essential services continue: Sr. Ifeyinwa, Childcare in Ngonyek, Kenya; Sr Seraphine, Maternity Services in Ankpa, Benue and Sr. Evangeline, Natural Family Planning, Grimard Hospital, Benue.


Sister Rose writes of her experience:

“One of our patients with suspected Covid infection was being treated at home. As he came to the end of his treatment, I decided to visit him. We spent some time talking about his goat and other things. Suddenly he said to me…with tears in his eyes …and so humbly, “I was dying and you saved me”. I hesitated for a moment and replied, ”Yes I helped to treat you but God healed you”. He went on to share about the goodness of his God and finally said to me “God bless you”!  At that moment, I felt a sense that this quiet gentle man was evangelizing me! Was I not coming to know and love his Jesus and my Jesus more in that moment. I left saying to myself, this man is precious.”




Holy Rosary School, Donkorkrom

We are involved in a Rural Education Enhancement Project, which involves two major outputs.
1.  A basic school where children have access to quality education,
2. A capacity building programme where we visit many schools and communities in the area to discuss issues of Child Safe-guarding, Child responsibility, Teen-age pregnancy, and child-abuse.  

Holy Rosary School in Donkorkrom has grown from 6 students in September 2017 to 127 Students in December 2019 with Crèche, Nursery, Kindergarten 1 and 2,  Primary 1 and 2. During the year we built a 5 Classroom  Block on our Holy Rosary Land replacing temporary quarters in the Convent Grounds . Plans are afoot for the building of a Primary School in the New Year. Much work was involved, projects, clearing land, supervision of building…..


Holy Rosary Sisters in Ghana with Sister Franca on her visit.










Holy Rosary Health Centre, Amankwakrom.

The Centre is growing daily.The aim of the Centre is to provide much needed upgraded maternity services  and a well co-ordinated outreach primary health care programme, in a most needy area where people have very little access to health care, because of  their isolation, surrounded by water, – essentially islands with a poor road infrastructure.

 Sr. Rose and Nkechi have also been attending many meetings held  by the Ghana Health Service, the ChristianHealthAssociation of Ghana and the  Catholic Health Service .Also important are the meetings held with the Chiefs and the local community

Srs. Rose and Nkechi are also having Communion Services with  parishioners on Friday and  Sunday.

One of the most exciting and beneficial components of the Integrated Nutrition Project was the development of  a community-based program in Ntonaboma town where a high rate of malnutrition was found.  

Community Health Committee

The Community Health Committee

  After a community entry with the main opinion leaders, and following communication with the community at large, a 14 member community health committee was selected by the community.  This comprises an equal number of males and females, representing different income groups, and with representatives from each of the 4 smaller communities comprising Ntonaboma town.  This committee met 15 times in the first year, completing a situational analysis outlining the needs in their community.   These focused on a lack of clean water, poor sanitation facilities, poor feeding practices and the need for more schools.
  Members of the Community Health Committee then helped the community prioritize their needs at a meeting attended by 100 people including the paramount chief and two sub-chiefs. At the end of the activity the people decided to construct a dump.  The paramount chief approved a plot of land for the dump and gave the initial task of construction to the youth leader in the community.  The members of the CHC will develop an action plan for the activity and elicit the assistance of staff at District Level.


In November 2019 Sister Franca Onyibor visited Ghana Region in her role as Congregational Leader.  We were pleased with her visit and the way she entered into our mission.

Franca Writes: On 18 November, I travelled to GHANA with Sr Anne Courtney, who was returning to her mission. Little did I know that she was popularly known there as THE ‘Cardinal’ in the Vicariate of Donkorkrom.  Her presence brought great joy to the Sisters and to the people including the Bishop. During my visit, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to witness the Sisters communicate fluently in Twi (the local language) to the delight of the people they serve.  Sr Linda Kiven who has recently arrived in the region is also committed to learning the language and culture.  It warmed my heart that an integral part of the education ministry is Sisters Joy and Linda’s commitment to the advocacy program for the empowerment of the girl child so that she completes her studies undisturbed by teenage pregnancy. In Amankwakrom where Sisters Rose Farren and Nkechi Oraebosi are offering healthcare in the villages, I was inspired by the length they are willing to go to reach those villages, even when the floods make the roads very difficult to access.  It is amazing to me that apart from the few Holy Spirit Sisters, MSHR are the only religious Sisters in the entire vicariate…and the difference they are making is deeply appreciated.  I was glad to witness their ease in relating to Christians and Muslims alike.  The Afram plains, being in one of the remotest parts of Ghana, has many challenges, yet the sisters continue to serve with hope and cheerful courage.”






Ferry crossing to Ntonaboma town, one of the key places in the health outreach programme.


Short History of our Region

  The Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary came to Ghana in 1975 to the newly-established Diocese of Sunyani where we ministered in Health Care, Education, Catechetics, Pastoral Work and programmes for the physically challenged.
  In 1994 we moved to Kuntanase in Ashanti Region to contribute to much needed ministries there.  At the request of the parish we ran a Vocational School and were involved in Health Ministry and Pastoral care in a nearby mission hospital.  One sister worked as Physician in the hospital and initiated a Nutrition Programme and HIV/Aids Programme.
  In 2014 we responded to an invitation from the then Prefect to minister in the newly established Prefecture of Donkorkrom in the Afram Plains, now the Apostolic Vicariate.


Sister Chinyeaka C Ezeani presents her valuable new book on interculturality in religious life.

A new book on Interculturality and the Religious life has just been written by Sr Chinyeaka C Ezeani, published by Pauline Publications Africa.
    “Taking seriously the prayer of Jesus that all may be one (John 17:21), Sister Chinyeaka tries in this book to articulate clearly the challenges as well as the beauty of living as people from different cultures in religious life.  The underlying assumption in her work is that it is possible and necessary to appreciate the beauty that each culture brings.  This requires continuous to conversion to the heart of Christ, and prayerful attentiveness to biases and complexes that tend to support mischaracterization of other cultures. ” (From the Foreward)




Sister Rose celebrates her Silver Jubilee of Religious Profession

Our commitment to education of the children, to health-care in the clinic and in the area, our out-reach to young people, and our pastoral care in the Parish, are all part of our call to bring the love and compassion of Christ to people.  Our outreach is to people of all ages and all beliefs, and we find a response of friendship from the people and from the Diocese.  This was why the Rose’s Silver Jubilee in September 2018 was a significant and joyful occasion for all of us.


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