Mothers and their babies

Sister Seraphine writes from Mother and Child Clinic, Ankpa.  The need for a change.
” For many years we have been providing infant milk formula and nutritious food to motherless babies. But two years ago we saw the need to do things differently. We must go out to the community and with them work to improve maternal health and reduce maternal deaths. With help from Mission Cara and other partners, we visited the villages to carry out information campaigns, ante-natal activities and build capacity on the ground. Experience had shown that  some women do not attend ante-natal, or go to unskilled health workers.  Others claim they are under spiritual attacks, or are made to think so by “Prophets” or men of God, and stay in Prayer homes until they give birth. We visited such places, where the women stay in unhygienic and austere conditions, looking anaemic. It was obvious that maternal deaths would follow from this. This cannot be allowed to continue.  Alive mother: alive baby!”

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