On the road to Eha-Ndiagu women lead the way!

                       By Sister Rose Uchem

It is not a long distance from Nsukka to Eha-Ndiagu, or so we four Holy Rosary Sisters thought that Sunday morning 1st December 2019. We were going with our Sister Judith, who hails from Eha-Ndiagu, to celebrate her Religious Profession with her people.  In fact it took us three and a half hours to get there! It was a miracle the car did not fall into a ditch as we held our hearts in our hands and skidded across the mud and see-sawed on the edge of the abyss. We returned by another route across a dangerous rickety bridge with gaping holes.

In the following days my mind was not at ease.  How do the people of Eha-Ndiagu bring out their crops for sale, or come out to buy their needs?  If you see something, Do something, is my motto, so I contacted my friend, Mrs Virginia Obianyo, with whom I have worked many times on gender issues. “This is a job for the women,” I told her, and she agreed.  We asked the parish priest to call together  about 30 vocal women for us to meet to discuss the matter. He agreed.
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