Sagure, Ethiopia, has a chapel – at last!

This is a place of prayer for everybody. Come here to praise your God and pray for each other.  Pray too for the kind person whose gift made the building possible.” So spoke the Bishop to the people of all faiths who had gathered for the opening of the new chapel on October 1st 2020. And as he walked round blessing the chapel and led the procession inside, loud Hosannas filled the air!
Since 2018 when the Holy Rosary Sisters came, St Mary’s Primary School, Sagure, has been attracting more and more children of all faiths, in an area where education has never been a priority.  And now they have a chapel, and the whole population turned out to rejoice.
Many people spoke words of appreciation  at the end of  Mass and the Bishop thanked the Sisters for bringing the chapel into being.   The Wareda, the local Government administrator, himself a Muslim, said, “This is my first time to stand in a Christian church, and now I have seen that the Catholic Church is for everybody!”
Sagure, a village in south-eastern Ethiopia, is an hour’s drive from the parish centre and the Sisters have Mass once a week, on Sundays.  But now they have a worthy place of prayer. “The movement out of the old and dilapidated dunk-stick chapel where we used to pray to the newly constructed block-chapel remains an unforgettable experience,” says Sister Ruth, our reporter the day.

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