Schools reopen in Sierra Leone

“Teachers are heroes. The commitment and dedication seen in the field is phenomenal. Thank you for your service.”  Minister for Education Mr David M Sengeh on visit to Holy Rosary schools, Kenema.

When the government permitted schools to re-open, especially examination classes, the Minister for Education, Mr David M Sengeh paid an unannounced visit to Holy Rosary Secondary School, in Kenema, among others.

“These are emergency times for health and learning,” he said. “ Our goal is to beat both at the same time.  It won’t be easy but we will win.  Thank you to everyone working to make it possible.

“Attendance is up to 90% in some schools.  Nearly all pupils had masks on.  This will complement the 90,000 masks procured and being delivered (2 per pupil) for learners and teachers. Don’t wait for the government, use your creative skills, practical arts, home economics, and mask up.

“School Management: Two schools I want to highlight are HRSS Kenema and RC Madonna Girls Primary Bo where the compounds had no trace of dirt, pupils all fully engaged, over 85% attendance, group teaching etc. The Principals and Head teachers are examples that we want to see across our country.

“Teachers are heroes. The commitment and dedication seen in the field are phenomenal. Thank you for your service. In particular, I will like to recognize Mr.  Sandi, nicknamed  Commissioner, a biology teacher who had a tablet in one hand and  chalk in the other. He also was advocating for help for pupils who couldn’t bring lunch to school. I could see that his students had a unique relationship with him. He represents the kind of teacher we want to see in the classroom. Full of passion, empathy, and leaning towards hybrid methods.”

We pray that the effort to overcome Covid and to continue children’s education will be successful as students prepare for Basic Examination Certificate of Education (BECE) and West African Education Council (WAEC).

We pray for teachers, pupils and all involved.

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