The home of the Queen of Sheba!

From our Sisters in the Ethiopia Region:

“Two words ring bells in our minds as we face into the new year of 2019: hope and gratitude. Our world throughout the past year has tempted and tried us with its miseries: news of war, conflict, poverty and despair. Yet with eyes of faith we can also see hope all around, count  the blessings we have received, and name the accomplishments-both small and great- that we have attained as a region and as a congregation.

“First, from the home of the Queen of Sheba, Lalibela, we the sisters in Ethiopia region welcome and glorify the Lord for the person of Sister Workinesh Admasu, newly professed and newly assigned to our  Region.

“The Sisters working  in Wonji Catholic Medium Clinic have recently uplifted the face of the clinic, answering the ardent need of the patients with the provision of a new ULTRA SOUND MACHINE which will be affordable for all their patients. We say   ›Ó²=›wQ` ÃeƒM” !  Thank you to them.

“In Addis, Sr Celestina  Nnadi continues her work at the Blessed Mother Teresa Friendship Center for the poor and marginalized of the area. She is seen here with some young people whose schooling was cut short for one reason or another,who are learning hair dressing. They are delighted to get the opportunity and so wish all Holy Rosary sisters and friends a happy and grace-filled new year.”

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