The sun rises for Joseph as he receives his sight.

Posted May 2018


The sun rises for Joseph :“My eyes are open and I can see clearly!” 

  The Eye Camp at Wonji Clinic in Ethiopia   

Joseph, aged ten, who had been blind since
he was born, can see at last.
        By Sister Ruth Chetambe

    In Wonji we have always had patients with eye problems and when we noticed many people with Cataracts and other eye problems we decided to organize an eye camp twice a year.  On 19th – 25th February this year over 1000 people attended the eye camp. They came from as far as Assela, Meki and Boset.


Picture left: Patients awaiting screening and surgery.

 The screening of the patients and eye surgery went on simultaneously. A total of 1,080 patients were screened and 118 were operated upon. The post-op patients were observed for 24 hours before being discharged.  


Pictures below:  eye surgery in progress


Left:  Post-op patients under observation

You can imagine their joy when they found they were able to see again.  Eye problems are common in Ethiopia because of lack of knowledge on the importance of seeking medical help on time and some are congenital related problems. Dusty and desert conditions anshortage of water also aggravate the problems.



               Sister Ruth with Joseph. 

                                     The sun has risen for him!

Sister Ruth Chetambe is a Missionary Sister of the Holy Rosary from Kenya.  She is currently the Matron of the Clinic in Wonji, Ethiopia