The Holy Rosary Sisters welcome you. Thank you for coming to see us.
Life is a challenge!  Living to the full demands great courage and faith.

Do you have that faith?

Vocation  The Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary follow God’s call by reaching out to people in need, through Education, Health care, Youth and Women’s empowerment, Human rights, and the desire to draw people closer to God.  With Mary as our Mother and guide, we follow Jesus day by day. If you would like to know more about our Vocation and Mission you can call one of the numbers below to talk to the Sister Vocation Directress near you.

                                         Benue     +2348165095030                                   
Brazil  +557598238645
      Cameroon  +237653521185
   Ethiopia   +251912057189
Ghana  +233549536835
 Kenya    +254790566646
Liberia  + 231777818348
  Nigeria   +2347055159331
         Sierra Leone  +23278585450


Christ is Alive!

In 2019 thousands of young people from all over the world travelled to the World Youth Day in Panama to shout this loud and clear: Christ is Alive!

                                         Pope Francis welcoming the youth in the opening ceremony said, 

“I know that getting here was not easy.  I know the sacrifices you had to make, the many days of work, meetings, reflection and prayer… But even the journey itself is a reward.  A true disciple is one who is not afraid to risk and set out.”

The Journey

How would you like your life to be?  What do you think God wants of you?

                                                      This is what God asks of you, only this:

      To act justly,
       To love tenderly,
        To walk humbly with your God.  (Micah 6:8)

God asks this of all of us.  But for you,  how do you want to live out these words? What are you thinking of?

The first step in the journey to discern your Vocation in life, after prayer, is to talk to someone about it.  Look at the phone numbers above. If you call the Vocation Directress near you she will arrange for you to come and meet her.  After talking she may then invite you to become an Aspirant, to meet with other young women on a regular basis for prayer and discernment, while continuing your usual life of study or employment.  This can lead you to the Aspirancy, where you would follow a formal programme .



  And if you and your directors feel you are ready for the next step you will be admitted to the Candidacy, preparing to be
       a  Missionary Sister of the Holy Rosary. 

                                                                A new stage on the journey.  May God bless you and guide you.

A Missionary Sister – what is it all about?
A Missionary: to go beyond your own country and culture to serve people in need.
A Sister: to live in a community alive with the joy of the Gospel, united in the call to serve people.
A path with many exciting challenges on the way. 

                                                                 And so to the Novitiate.

It is all step by step, – learning, praying, sharing in apostolic activities, caring for the environment, keeping fit, – listening to what God is saying to you.


At last the day comes to make your profession.  Remembering what God asks of you:

   Act justly, Love tenderly, Walk humbly with your God; all of these are contained in the three Vows of religious life, Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.

“My dear Sister, what do you desire?”

“I desire to dedicate my life to God as a Missionary Sister of the Holy Rosary through the vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, lived in community, relying not on myself but on the power of God and my mother Mary to help me.”

Pray now.  Ask your Loving Father to direct you, and don’t be afraid to step forward, or to change your mind and seek another route in your life with God. “Walk with me O Lord, through the darkest night and brightest day; hold my hand and guide me on my way!”

A Day of Joy! 

Seven young women, from Kenya Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda, offer their lives to God as Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary: Forever! Ready to go our wherever they are sent to  share the Gospel.





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