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We are glad you have stopped by to visit with us in this special section of our web site. Here, you will begin to understand what a call to missionary service is and how it has enriched the lives of many women. You will experience our life through the shared stories of our sisters and the laity who work side by side with us.

Have you ever thought of being a missionary? Do you think it a possibility in God’s plan for you? Whether you are interested in a vocation or wish to contemplate a partnership as an active member of the laity we hope to begin to answer the many questions you will have here.

God Bless You,
The Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary.



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Pictures show Holy Rosary Candidates with the Sisters in charge of formation in Nigeria and Kenya.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Above, Sister Anthonia in Zambia talks to students about what it means to be a missionary.  “It is a privilege to be a missionary, a gift, a blessing…   ”  The young people are attentive as they try to understand how God is calling them to serve him.

young-sisters-reszYoung sisters in Nigeria who have completed their religious formation, waiting for their missions assignments.


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London-060-1“The experience of a vocation is unique and indescribable, and is only perceived as a gentle breeze of the clarifying touch of grace.
A vocation is a breathing of the Holy Spirit.” Pope John Paul II

As you reflect on your life’s work we invite you to discern with us the unique path of your life in love and service of God. It is our prayer; as you walk through the experience of finding out what you are being called to, that the Holy Spirit brings you to the “clarifying touch of God’s grace.”

What am I to do in my life? What are my Gifts? What am I passionate about? What values do I hold? How do I respond to cultures different from mine? How does my heart respond to the concerns and pains of others? Do I have a sense of adventure? What is God’s will for my future?Answering these questions within ourselves brings us face to face with the challenge of our life’s vocation.

Discerning your vocation is exciting. Getting there is at times a struggle. It is best walked through guided by family and trusted friends. It is a good idea as well to seek spiritual direction from someone qualified within the church. Should you wish, a member of the Holy Rosary Sisters is available to answer any questions you have while discerning your unique call.

on engaging a sister as mentor or spiritual director on your journey.

Whether called to active or contemplative religious life, or life in ministry as a lay member, Christ walks with you on the journey. Through prayerful reflection and thoughtful listening to that inner voice of love, the future lies before you as a promising plan to be fulfilled.

You can contact the Vocation Directress in these countries:

Benue Region, Nigeria:  Sister Sabina Mbamalu. Phone:  00234 816 509 5030.  Email:  mbammalusn@yahoo.com

Brazil:  Sister Augustina Chidimma Obi.  Phone: 0055 75 8238 6459  Email: sisobi@yahoo.com
              Sister Helen Ohiemi, Phone: 0055 75 82386459  Email; ohiemihelen@yahpp.com

Cameroon:  Sister Martina Ogar.  Phone:  00237 6777 69895.   Email: martogarus@yahoo.com

Ethiopia:  Sister Celestina Nnadi.  Phone: 00251 912 057 189.  Email:  cellynnadi@ymail.com

Ghana:  Sister Joy Abuh.  Phone: 00233 241 146 139.  Email:  sislimo@yahoo.com

Kenya:  Sister Linda Kiven.  Phone:00254 772 373 977.  Email:  lindansaiboti@yahoo.co.uk

Sierra Leone:  Sister Anthonia Ezeibekwe.  Phone: 00232 7858 5450  Email: anthus29@yahoo.com
                          Sister Ngozi Nnabuo.  00232 7637 6015  Email: njeat2000@yahoo.com

Southern Nigeria:  Sister Stella Eke.  Phone: 00234 8066 96 7322.  Email: stella_eke2003@yahoo.com  Second Email: buchionline@gmail.com

United States:  Sister Florence Enechukwu.  Phone:  001 267 282 3487.  Email: enechufn@yahoo.com

Zambia:  Sister Samba Sakungo,  Phone: 00260 974 106 262  Email: esakungo@gmail.com