What we do

HEALTH CARE: healing the sick, building healthy communities
EDUCATION: key to human development at all levels
PASTORAL CARE: The Word of God alive in people’s lives
SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: in cities, villages and rural communities
CARE FOR THE EARTH: loving the planet
REFUGEES: reaching out to street children, fighting against human trafficking
REBUILDING shattered lives after devastation of war and disease
PRAYER is central to our lives. It is God’s work we are doing, not our own.
Through prayer and the Eucharist we grow closer to Christ
who leads us in our faith, and to Mary our mother.

“Building Trust in Crisis”

An integrated psychosocial approach to Ebola Virus Disease prevention and containment carried out by theMissionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary in Lofa County, Liberia, 2014-2016

Visit our DEVELOPMENT page to read the Misean Cara Reports on the response of the Holy Rosary Sisters to the Ebola Virus crisis in Sierra Leone and Liberia 2014-2016.