Young women preparing for life

“I feel like the dry bones that have come back to life!” the student exclaimed. “I can’t believe I can do all these things!”

The newly opened Vocational Training Institute at Igbo-Ukwu in Southern Nigeria is a great step forward for young women.  Here they follow a two-year diploma training in computers, catering, hospitality management, fashion and design, make-up art, hair-dressing, auto-gele, fascinator and more. Students also do business planning and book keeping. This is training for employment and self-reliance. “If I don’t get employment,” declares another, “I will start my own business and employ others!”
“We also run a literacy and skills-training course for adult women,” Sister Chinyere, the director, says. This is a free programme, aimed at helping disadvantaged women to become self-reliant and support their families. After the training they are given small soft loans to enable them to get started.
The school building stands tall and beautiful, say the women.  But it is not the building which is the main focus…


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