The wonderful generosity of people who are suffering themselves

Sister Mercy writes from Cameroon, where there are many people displaced by civil conflict.

In Morning Star Primary School we have inclusive education.  We have speech-impaired and hard of hearing children and a good number of internally displaced orphans and vulnerable children. When members of the Christian Family Movement heard of us they decided to pay us a visit. The day I saw the 70-seater bus driving in I could not believe it. Behold the Catholic Men in their fine uniform, the Catholic Women’s Association and the Little Candidates of Mary! I signalled the teachers and the children, who came to meet them with joy and a welcome song. The visitors were happy to see a school giving hope to vulnerable children, despite the insecurity. They forgot that many of themselves were also suffering and displaced and had lost much.  They brought bags of rice and beans, cooking oil, and snacks for the children.
In the group there was an elderly man who stood quietly by and seemed lost in thought. As we  escorted them towards the bus, this old papa called me aside, took my hand and said, ” My pikin, may papa God bless and reward you.” He put his hand in his pocket and brought out an old 500cfa note. My first reaction was how could this man be giving me this an amount. I thanked him and resisted, but he insisted, saying ” My pikin this is gift from your Papa, make you no deny.”

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