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The Holy Rosary Sisters

Celebrating a Century of MSHR in Brazil, Cameroon, Ethiopia, England, Ghana, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, USA, Zambia

Pray with us as we commemorate the centenary anniversary of our religious order, a testament to our enduring legacy and unwavering values.


Celebrate the past with Gratitude, Live the Present with Passion, Embrace the future with Hope

Centenary Schedule


24th February.


The Holy Rosary Sisters will visit the Dominican Sisters who nurtured the order for ten years after its foundation

7th March



Discover details about our centenary celebration from the congregational Leader, Sr. Franca Onyibor Mshr

10th March


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The Holy Mass @ Killeshandra- the first home of our religious order, launching of the "Centenary Poster" and Press Release

3rd August

The Grand

holy communion composition

The official closing of the centenary year with a Mass of "Thanksgiving"

The Beginnings


A Century of Legacy

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Pioneering Sisters of MSHR
Motto: ‘Evangelizare Pauperibus Misit Me’ meaning “He has sent me to bring the good news to the poor” Luke14:18.


The centenary celebration of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary has great significance for the congregation and the entire church. With a legacy spanning a hundred years, the celebration commemorates not only a milestone in history but also the unwavering commitment, dedication, and spiritual service of the Holy Rosary Sisters.

Throughout the years, we have demonstrated principles of virtue, selflessness, and compassion, inspiring and empowering countless others especially the poor and vulnerable to lead lives of purpose and goodness. We use this opportunity to reflect upon and thank God for our profound impact on individuals, communities, and society at large.



Bishop Joesph Shanahan, to the pioneering members on foundation day 7 March, 1924:

” There are before you, as before all missionaries, sufferings, and trials. But remember that it is Christ who sweats in our sweat; who burns in our fever; who aches in our tired limbs; who continues His suffering in ours. You do not know the millions of souls that will be saved because you are here today- because you are beginning a new sisterhood in Christ.”

"photo of founder"
Bishop Joseph Shanahan, Servant of God

The Foundation

Dominican Sisters Cabra

The congregation of the Missionary Sisters of our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, founded in 1924 by Bishop Joseph Shanahan began with seven women, three of whom had been lay missionaries at St. Joseph Girls’ School in Calabar, Nigeria. Bishop Shanahan wanted to empower women in Southern Nigeria and so MSHR was established in Drumully House, near Killeshandra Co. Cavan, Ireland in March 7, 1924.

The seven women were first mentored by the Dominican Sisters in Cabra, Dublin for a period of five months, from October 1923 to March 1924. Four Dominican Sisters- Mother Xavier O’Connor, Aquinas McSwiggan, Ursula Cullen, and Anastasia Hickey were assigned to guide the new order in Cavan in February 1924.

The Dominican sisters remained with the Holy Rosary Sisters for ten years until 1934.  In the following decades, MSHR expanded rapidly both in membership and mission locations serving fifteen countries in Africa, the Americas, and Europe. 



A Century of Mission

Explore the Ongoing work of our religious order and the lives it continues to touch

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Ensuring a Safe Environment for all
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Ensuring Good Health for all
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Educating the Young
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Local Community Outreach
"vocational training photo"
Youth Vocational Training
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Youth Skill Development


Through our unwavering faith and selfless service, we have touched the lives of countless individuals and communities